(Imagine this part in the voice of one of those movie announcer guys) Have you ever wandered what would happen if you were somehow able to combine two of the most powerful pop culture juggernauts in the world? Would that even be possible, or would the level of awesomeness be too much for the world to handle?

(Okay, I'm done with the dramatics, you can imagine any voice you want now.)

The two pop culture icons I'm referring to are Frozen and The Office. To be even more precise, I'm referring to Frozen 2 and to Mr. Michael Scott specifically.

Even if you've never seen an episode of The Office, I have to guess that you are at least familiar with the clip of Michael Scott yelling at his arch nemesis Toby Fleener - and even if you've never seen Frozen 2, I bet you've seen or heard various vocalists trying to sing the infamous 'high note' during the chorus of the movie's signature song "Into the Unknown."

A young woman named Kenna Ashley, who is apparently way more creative than I am, and also has may more free time I do, is the mastermind behind this mashup. She figured out that this gif of Michael Scott might just make a good addition to "Into the Unknown." She even gives you a little behind the scenes look at how she combined the two.

So, are you ready to see it? Are you sure? We can't be held responsible for any awesomeness overload you may experience, so view at your own risk.

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