If you're listening to our St. Jude Radiothon (we really hope you are), you've probably heard some adorable kids reading the "ABC's of Cancer." You might be wondering what those are, and where they came from.

Well I'm here to tell you. One of the most popular 'exhibits' at St. Jude is the wall featuring the ABC's of Cancer. These are works of art created by current and/or past St. Jude patients. Each one features a different letter of the alphabet, and how that letter relates to their battle with cancer. Who better to tell us what cancer means to them?

I would recommend that everyone try to make it down to Memphis, TN for a tour of the St. Jude campus. I promise it will change your life and you won't look (or listen) at our radiothon the same way again. But I realize that's not necessarily a realistic opportunity for a lot of us. So, in the meantime, we're bringing a piece of St. Jude and the ABC's of Cancer to you. Please take a minute to scroll through these pics and read the messages. I promise they will hit you right in the feels. They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry, and they'll make you think.

Once you're done will you please call 1-800-372-4999 and become a Partner in Hope with St. Jude? You can also text 'JUDE' to 626262.

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