On Saturday June 7th, Downtown Evansville saw a few different protests, but all echoed the same sentiment, Black Lives Matter.  In the morning, many took to the sidewalk in front of the Ford Center to cover it in chalk art.  The chalk art ranged from meaningful quotes, to all out talented works of art.  It truly has been amazing to see our city come together and let everyone's voices be heard. Now, I'm definitely not the right person to give you all of the answers on Black Lives Matter, but there's a lot of great information and resources on their website, which I recommend checking out.

I'm going to let the chalk art speak for itself. I apologize that some of the photos may be a bit hard to read, I wasn't able to get Downtown until Monday so the chalk had set a couple days, but I think the messages are still loud and clear.

See Chalk Art from Black Lives Matter Protest In Front of Ford Center

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