I don't think I will ever NOT be impressed by pictures of homes and/or businesses that have been restored or renovated. I am in awe at the vision and the knowledge it takes to take on a project like that and see it through - I am nowhere near creative enough, and I lack the necessary hands-on skills. There is also something really neat, or special about the thought of 'saving' an old building, or repurposing and giving it new life. The restoration of this old bank checks off all of the boxes that I just mentioned.

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Let me take you on a trip to Boggstown, Indiana, an unincorporated community located in Sugar Creek Township in Shelby County. The population in Boggstown is about 500 people. The town was platted (that's a new word I just learned) in 1867 and named after an early settler named Joseph Boggs. Over the years, their claim to fame has been that actress Marjorie Main, best known for her role as Ma Kettle back in the 1950s, spent her teen years in Boggstown.

Now, I have to believe, in a town that small, that there was only one bank in Boggstown, and I'm going to assume it was/is the bank you're about to see. I don't know for sure when this bank was built - most likely around 1900 - but it has clearly been abandoned for a long time. When Frankie Sundvall noticed the building was for sale back in April 2021, he decided to buy it up and fix it up. Less than a year later, Frankie is showing off the amazing end result of all his hard work. The renovated bank building is for sale, and according to Realtor.com, could be your home for the low price of $220,000.

You gotta see these before and after pictures.

Abandoned Indiana Bank is Transformed Into a Beautiful Home: See the Before and After Pics

A 100-year-old bank in a small Indiana town sat abandoned for God knows how long. It was recently purchased and beautifully restored, and here are some of the before and after pictures. I would love to show some direct, side-by-side comparisons, but I honestly can't tell what part of the building I'm looking at in the 'before' pictures (except for the bathroom).

If you thought that bank restoration was impressive, then keep scrolling to see a whole different level of impressive.

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