Earth Day is quickly approaching - it's Thursday, April 22, 2021 - and you might be what you can do to honor the planet that literally sustains our daily lives.

While you certainly can get as elaborate as you want this Earth Day - maybe you want to plant a tree or some wildflowers for the bees or maybe you plan to go pick up trash in one of our local nature areas. A really easy way for you to make an impact on the planet is by switching some of the products that you use daily, to more sustainable, eco-friendly options.

Deodorant is one of those products that we all need, especially in the hot, humid, midwestern summer that's fast approaching. What we don't need are all the toxic chemicals like aluminum compounds, phthalates and parabens - chemicals that are linked to some types of cancers and other illnesses - that you find in a lot of other deodorants on the market. Those same deodorants chock full of chemicals haven't exactly been friendly to our planet either since many of them are distributed in single-use plastic containers.

Now let's suppose that you wanted to get away from aluminum, parabens, phthalates and single use plastics. After all, you only get one body and we only have one planet. That's where Myro comes in. Myro is a sustainable, plant-based, eco-friendly deodorant free of aluminum and other harmful chemicals and the best part is that it actually works - for men and women. We're talking hard-working, 24-hour clinical protection and no toxic ingredients. Not one. It's made with aloe and other natural ingredients. Myro is vegan, gluten-free and soy and mineral oil free too.

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You could try a free sample of this highly effective, aluminum-free, plant-based deodorant that cuts down on single-use plastics by offering a keepable case and refill pods. Myro's refillable packaging actually uses 50% less plastics than other deodorants and less plastics means less waste in the landfills. 103 GBF wants to give you the chance to try Myro for free this Earth Day.

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Myro comes in 8 great scents like Solar Flair, a blend of orange, juniper and Sunflower or Cabin No. 5, a blend of vetiver, patchouli and geranium or you can always go unscented - the protection is still the same without the added fragrance notes. Just sign up below and you could score a sample of Myro of your very own.


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