Recently leaked documents supposedly show that the Church of Scientology targeted South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, after they did an episode that mocked teachings of the church.

When they're not chasing down Lord Xenu, or telling people that they're haunted by alien ghosts, the Church of Scientology is busy trying to discredit anyone who talks negatively about them. And just like high schoolers, they try dig up any dirt on those people.

Marty Rathbun, a former Scientologist who left in 2004, published internal Scientology documents to his blog that supposedly shows the church trying dig up dirt on South Park creator's Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They also researched their friends (including John Stamos), past tax documents, property records, and other public records.

The documents also reveals that the church was willing to go as far as digging in the trash (literally) for information.

It was all in response to a 2005 episode of South Park called "Trapped In The Closet", which poked fun at some of Scientology's teachings. The same episode also led to the departure of Issac Hayes, a Scientologist, as the voice of Chef.

Recently Stone and Parker were the subject of a documentary called Six Days To Air, that showed how the pair puts together the average South Park episode in less than a week. They also have a highly successful show on Broadway called The Book Of Mormon.

Rathburn says that more information about the Scientology investigation will be forthcoming on his website.

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