Scientists say that between 6 billion to 10 billion light years from Earth, near the Eridanus constellation, space just sort of drifts off into an enormous void – an intergalactic fade to black.

Interestingly, this pitch-black phenomenon has stumped scientists for years, because although smaller voids are believed to have manifested after the Big Bang, this particular one is approximately 1 billion light years in diameter and would need much more time to develop.

And yes, that is really big… one light year is the equivalent to about 6 trillion miles.

In a recent article published in New Scientist, researchers say the void contains no galaxies and no clusters, but it could be a gateway to an alternate universe.

“Standard cosmology cannot explain such a giant cosmic hole,” said researcher Laura Mersini-Houghton with the University of North Carolina. She speculates: “It is the unmistakable imprint of another universe beyond the edge of our own.”

Scientists say the entire revelation remains a mystery. In Buddhism, these cosmic structures are often revered as mystic illusions that are difficult to translate with the human eye.

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