Do you know when to stop for a bus?  What do you do on a divided highway?  Here's a graphic to help! 


With school soon starting up all across the tri-state, school buses are about to be out around town picking up and dropping off kids. For most of us it's common sense, if you see the STOP arm sticking out of a bus, that means you should STOP.  However there's been a bit of confusion. What if it's a divided highway?  What if it's a 4 lane road with a turn lane?  This info-graphic should help you out!

And if you're in a situation not covered below, and  you aren't quite sure, I'd say it's better to be cautious and stop. You don't know if the kids getting off are going to cross or not, and they're safety is more important than a few seconds of your day being inconvenienced.



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