Wrapping paper sure is getting festive this year.  Just a few days about I found out about bacon scented wrapping paper, and now Jimmy Dean (like THE Jimmy Dean of the Jimmy Dean Sausage brand) has released an entire line of Christmas cheer all based on their beloved sausage.

Want a sausage shaped innertube for the river next Summer?  Jimmy Dean's got ya.  What about a roll of sausage ornament to hang on your tree?  Look no further.  Now they've released sausage scented wrapping paper, which the product description says "smells like sausage, tastes like paper."  So you probably shouldn't eat it.

The wrapping paper comes in three different styles.  There's red with rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage all over, gold with a cast iron skillet and sausage cooking all over, and a green wrapping paper with Jimmy Dean's logo and Christmas trees.

Is this the type of Christmas cheer we needed this year?  It's possible. 2020 has been weird, so why not embrace the weird ya know? Just maybe if you go the meat scented wrapping paper route, be sure to keep the dogs away from it or they may think it's a treat.  A paper tasting, good smelling treat.

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