This Monday, Dec 11th, tune into the Travel Channel to see a familiar place (and some familiar faces!)

Back in July, Bobby (from My105.3 WJLT), Ashley (our awesome digital editing manager lady), Gavin (from 106.1 KISS FM), and I went to Santa Claus, Indiana to visit some places OTHER THAN Holiday World. We wanted to show that Santa Claus has other cool things to do too! And in doing so, we found Santa's Candy Castle!

While we were there we found out about the "Fire and Ice Challenge". The "Fire and Ice Challenge" is you, a GIANT Avalanche (64 oz. of frozen hot chocolate and the worlds largest cocoa beverage) and a BIG OL' BAG of super spicy cheddar popcorn (lovingly named "FIRE"). You have to finish both in one hour. And not throw it up. So if you finish it in 30 or 45 minutes, you still have to sit there for the remainder of the full hour and not let it come back out.

We decided not to partake in this challenge. Four of us could barely finish ONE Avalanche.

About a month later, we heard back from Kevin (the owner of Santa's Candy Castle) and he told us about someone who was willing to do the challenge. That person? The new host of the Travel Channels "Man v. Food", Casey Webb.

So Kevin invited us back in August to spend a day filming this episode of Man vs. Food. (Which I only agreed to do if I didn't have to do the Beanboozle challenge again. He begrudgingly accepted my terms, and I agreed to go.) WHICH I'VE HAD TO KEEP SECRET FOR MONTHS. Do you now how hard it is for me to keep secrets? SO HARD.

But now, the cat's out of the Santa sack and I can tell you all that Santa's Candy Castle is going to be on "Man v. Food" THIS MONDAY, Dec. 11th, at 8pm in their 'Louisville, KY' episode.

And keep a look out for some familiar faces in the background when you do!

Like these two goobers!

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall


If you want the full schedule for when this episode is going to air (and when to set your DVRs) here ya go!

Dec. 11th, @8p
Dec. 11th, @11p
Dec. 16th, @12p
Dec. 18th, @5:30p
Dec. 25th, @1p

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