For the third year in a row, Santa's Toys in Santa Claus, Indiana is bringing in a couple of the animals responsible for helping Santa deliver toys around the world on Christmas Eve when it houses a full-grown mother deer and one of her babies.

The store recently posted on its Facebook page that both will be available to see on Saturday, November 30th, and Sunday, December 1st.

But if you have a little one in your family concerned about momma being ready for her big night with Santa, tell them not to worry. The store says she's part of Santa's training program, and won't be used this year.

There is no charge to come see the reindeer, and the store is also offering free space on their property for any non-profits to set up shop and hand out information, sell food or take donations for their organization. The offer is also open to businesses who would like to provide any games or activities for visitors to play.

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