Samuel L. Jackson is the King of Profanity and is well known for his liberal use of the F-bomb in all of it's various forms. I mean, the man has even narrated a a children's book titled "Go The F*ck To Sleep."

No stranger to the big screen, Jackson has played some of the biggest and boldest on-screen characters including Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction and Nick Fury in the Marvel Avengers franchise. His acting credits are far too long to try to list here. But acting isn't the only thing Jackson is passionate about. He's also passionate about voting and in an attempt to encourage people to make sure they are registered to vote, he has issued a challenge via Twitter.

Samuel L. Jackson will teach you how to swear in 15 languages, if 2500 of his fans visit to "make sure you're good to vote" It only takes a few minutes of your time and then we can all learn how to say our favorite swears in 15 different languages! It's a win - win! If you think you're already registered but want to make sure, you can double check using the link. If you're not registered but you'd like to be, you can get registered through the link. One thing I think we can all agree on is the importance of letting our voices be heard in 2020.

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