Saliva recently announced that they found a new singer by the name of Bobby Amaru to replace their former frontman Josey Scott. Now, the band has unleashed a new single ‘All Around the World,’ which is being premiered on the website of FMX 94.5 in Lubbock, Texas.

The band is gearing up to head out on the road for a tour with their new vocalist and then head back into the studio. ‘All Around the World’ is one out of three songs the band has recorded so far. Drummer Paul Crosby tells FMX, “At the end of the tour we’ll go back to Jacksonville, Fla. And record five or six more tracks.”

Crosby goes on to say that the band had Amaru demo himself singing Saliva’s older tunes: “When we got the tracks back we had a hard time believing it wasn’t Josey.” He concludes by saying, “Josey’s shoes are definitely not easy to fill, but this kid has got IT.”



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