Even with the new movie on its way to production, Hellboy fans still can’t get Guillermo del Toro’s pair of films out of their heads. It’s disappointing that the director won’t get to finish his trilogy, but at least one of its stars has fully moved on.

Ron Perlman, who brought Mike Mignola’s sorta-demonic superhero to life on the big screen, is not part of the new film in any capacity, and he’s done talking about it. During his Reddit AMA on Wednesday, Perlman was asked how he felt about the new movie. He made it clear he’s not going to discuss it.

That’s it, people. He’s done with it, he’s moved on, and we should stop bringing it up. I’m sure there’s probably a little bit of disappointment left after del Toro’s final film was rejected, and Perlman and the rest probably just want to stop fielding all kinds of questions about it. He even took new Hellboy, David Harbour, to dinner!

So, that’s that. He clearly wants us all to stop reminding him about the past, and, I mean, it’s better than the alternative. I’m glad that he and del Toro and all the rest have been able to move on and get into other projects. And with The Shape of Water being heralded as del Toro’s best in years, we can‘t really complain.

The new Hellboy is directed by Neil Marshall and also stars Ian McShaneMilla JovovichDaniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane.

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