Did you know Styx has a non-profit that they use to help support non-profits in the communities they play in?  Well on Thursday, August 19th, Styx will be rocking the Old National Events Plaza and they chose Albion Fellows Bacon Center to help support during their stop in Evansville.

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Styx and REO Speedwagon came together to create their own nonprofit, it's called Rock to the Rescue.  They use this nonprofit to give back to the communities where they perform.  On Thursday they'll be raising money for Albion Fellows Bacon Center and by helping out you can be in the running for a Styx guitar!

At the show when doors open, there will be a booth selling the new Styx album Crash of the Crown for $20, when you buy the album at the show you'll also get a ticket for the guitar giveaway.  The money raised will go to support the Albion Fellows Bacon Center.  During the Styx concert on stage, they'll do the drawing for the guitar.

Lauren from Albion shared the reason Styx gave for wanting to support Albion Fellows Bacon Center and the work they do in our community:

We selected Albion because we believe in your cause and worked with you at a previous show and support you and your staff. We support all kinds of worthy causes but mental health and well-being are among the top of our list of causes we regularly help. What you all do to get people back on their feet after dealing with tragedy and hardship is so appreciated by us. We are happy to help such a worthy cause.

If you aren't familiar with the Albion Fellows Bacon Center, they are a nonprofit organization that serves 11 counties in southern Indiana.  They work to prevent domestic and sexual violence while empowering victims through advocacy, education, support services, and more.  Support services from Albion are provided 24 hours a day. If you would like to help Albion Fellows Bacon Center continue the work they do for our community, but won't be at the concert, you can always make a donation online through their website, AlbionFellowsBacon.org. 

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