Zakk Wylde has recently put a restraining order against his 20 year old neighbor after the neighbor left a really odd "sacrifice" on Zakk's doorstep.

Apparently the guy left a guitar that was scribbled on with sharpies, post it notes, a shirt, and a box cutter?  Awkward.   How are you even supposed to take that?  I don't think a rational thought even went into this.  Did the dude just think Zakk would be like "Oh yeah thanks man i was in need of a box cutter and post it's"?  I just don't even know.  Loudwire has the full story on this here. Oh and to make things even more awkward, the guy refers to Zakk as "The Master"....I'm a huge Zakk Wylde fan, so I understand this fans liking to Zakk, but "The Master"?  Thats just weird.

People never cease to amaze me.  If you were going to leave a "sacrifice" on your favorite rockers doorstep what would you leave your "master"?  I'd rather just high five them, and be on my way, but that's just me.