Two musicians recently raided a Wendy’s drive-thru, blocking cars from ordering so a friend could get out of work on time. The hungry customers didn’t leave totally empty handed, though, getting a free concert from the comfort of their cars.

Stepping into a restaurant minutes before closing is a cardinal sin, because the staff has to stay late and serve you for little or no extra pay. The same rule applies to the drive-thru — as long as there’s cars in line, fast food employees have to provide service regardless of closing time. Not cool!

Thankfully, the guys from rock and metal band Vella la Vella pulled up to save their friend from serving a bunch of late, selfish burger hogs. Parking their convertible-turned-drum riser right in front of the Wendy’s drive-thru speaker box, Vella la Vella halted all incoming orders before busting out a jam tastier than a cold Frosty.

“WE HAVE CLAIMED WENDYS! NOW LISTEN TO METAL AND EAT BURGERS,” Vella la Vella write on Instagram. They also posted the clip to TikTok, getting just under a million views so far:

Well done, boys. You have achieved burger supremacy. Now it's time to book a gig at Denny’s.

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