Response to Rob Zombie's latest film was overwhelming they're bringing it back to the big screens for one night only.


UPDATE: When tickets went on sale, and the theaters were listed Evansville was not on the list.  However good news! IT is now! Go fourth and enjoy 3 From Hell friends! 

Rob Zombie's latest film has been a massive success. It was in theaters for only 3 nights and all 3 nights sold out (at least in Evansville). The response was so overwhelming that Rob Zombie decided to bring 3 From Hell back to theaters for one night only, October 14th.  Tickets for that show went on sale today and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Evansville isn't on the list (hey there, updated Melissa here, check the list again, Eville is on there now)!

The good news is 3 From Hell comes out on October 15h, so if you didn't get a chance to catch it in theaters, you don't have to wait much longer before it's officially out on Blu-Ray.  Get all the info on 3 From Hell's release here.

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