Sounds like someone is in line for a stiff punishment.

A road rage incident that began Tuesday morning on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel included one driver spray painting a penis on the outside of a truck.

The two trucks nearly hit each other, which led to some jawing between the two men as they drove through the tunnel. They managed to make it into New York City, where one of the motorists hopped out at a red light and spray painted a depiction of the male anatomy on the side of the other truck because there is no better way to express your fury than by drawing a weenie on another car in a city where people are stereotypically known to be hot-headed.

Sure, he could've slashed his tires or keyed the side, but, no, he elected to go the X-rated route. Two points for thinking outside the box.

The driver of the victimized truck hopped out of his vehicle and "thwarted the suspect's attempt by blocking the paint stream with his hand," reports Gothamist.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested the artist. Who's right and who's wrong? We'll just have to let you "draw" your own conclusions.

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