Thanksgiving...the one holiday were gluttony is accepted form of pleasure followed by watching college football games. Nothing says  family like gathering around the dinner table and freebasing on mashed potatoes, turkey and a huge slice of pumpkin pie. As fun as that sounds, there's probably going to be a time in your life where you might not be able to make it a family member's and partake in the activities. So, what's your next best option? Sit your a$% on your couch and gorge yourself on Totino's Pizzas is one option. Another option is head to your favorite restaurant and partake in a nice meal! The only problem is that a number of local restaurants are actually closed on Thanksgiving (wild, right?).  Well, we've done the dirty work for you and compiled a list of our favorite restaurants that are open Thanksgiving Day. Different types of restaurants made our list so PREPARE YOURSELF.

Ma T 888 China Bistro

Yes, Chinese food on Thanksgiving. DON'T KNOCK IT UNLESS YOU"VE TRIED IT. Ma T 888 China Bistro is located on Vogel Road and if you and you're buddy/significant other don't mind splitting the bill you can actually get a decent meal for $13 per person. The Royal Queen Family  gives you Spring Rolls as an appetizer, a house salad, your choice of entree and a dessert. Not too shabby!

Fox and Hounds English Pub

I know, I know, the Fox and Hound is a bar/pub but you can enjoy a liquid dinner or solid (yes, they have dang good food). Surf, Turf, Burgers, Wings, Pizza, etc. etc. the list goes on for the amount of choices you have. Plus, when you're full, you can enjoy a game of shuffleboard or pool!

Cross-Eyed Cricket

Besides having great daily specials, the Cross-Eyed Cricket has pretty good buffalo chicken strips.  Hand breaded chicken strips are covered in a sweet, spicy hot sauce.  Besides the chicken strips they have plenty of great "homestyle" foods like pork chops, roast beef, catfish fiddlers and more.

Cracker Barrel

You know what I love about Cracker Barrel. It's not their rocking chairs on the front porch so go ahead and erase that thought. What I love is being able to order breakfast at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY. Want pancakes for breakfast for breakfast? You got it! How does pancakes for lunch sound? You know what, they sound good! Hey, you know what sounds greatfor supper...pancakes! You're right, pancakes do sound great for supper!

White Castle

Ah, White Castle, the trusted friend of the burger aficionado. Steam-cooked burgers and onions all contained within a tiny, white box...brilliant! Sure, it's no turkey and gravy, but hey, I bet your friends would be jealous if you told them that you ate an entire crave case of cheesburgers, no pickles, extra onions on Thanksgiving.


So, there you have it, our top picks for enjoying a meal on Thanksgiving in the non-traditional sense. No turkey gravy here at these restaurants but I'm sure it would still be a memorable meal. Any restaurants that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!