As a St. Louis native, none of my family lives here in Evansville. While there are definitely many pros and cons to living hours away from my immediate family, one perk is sharing places with them that are original to the area.  Whenever they visit, I am entrusted with the special privilege of selecting the places we explore and the eateries we dine in. Of course, I want to wow them so naturally, I want to take them to restaurants with tasty food, a fun atmosphere, and scenery that could beat that majestic arch any day. It’s a competition whether they realize it or not.

Of course, no matter the city, nothing beats enjoying a relaxing meal with your family and friends or a romantic evening out with your special someone while gazing out over beautiful scenery. Not to mention, fantastic views make for the best photo opportunities.

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Luckily, the Tri-State is full of amazing landscapes whether that be a sunset over the river, the green rolling hills of the countryside, or sparkling city skylines. With some help from members of the Tri-State Restaurant Reviews on Facebook, I compiled a list of the best restaurants around with great food and views to match.

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