In a new TV report from Indiana station WISH-TV (seen below), it was revealed that Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer had not voted in a presidential election since 2008. However, Schaffer was the only one of the four Indiana men facing charges in last month's U.S. Capitol Riot who did vote in the 2020 election.

The station revealed the voting records of all four men, who have all been charged with storming the Capitol. The riot occurred as Congress was meeting to certify the electoral college's election results that would officially name Joe Biden as the 46th president. President Trump had repeatedly claimed voter fraud after the initial election results, but over 60 lawsuits to overturn the election results had been thrown out by the courts.

According to the TV report, Schaffer had not voted in the 2016 where Donald Trump was elected the U.S. president. You can watch the full report below.

Word of Schaffer's involvement in the riot surfaced on Jan. 6, as the musician was photographed wearing an "Oath Keepers Lifetime Member" cap. Not long after, Schaffer was sought as a "person of interest" by the Washington, D.C. police and the FBI added Schaffer to their "Most Wanted" list while seeking information about his role in the insurrection.

On Jan. 17, the FBI confirmed that Schaffer had turned himself in to authorities in Indiana. A day later (Jan. 18), it was confirmed that the musician had been charged with six federal offenses.

In the "statement of facts" document, it was stated, "Schaffer was among the rioters who sprayed United States Capitol Police officers with 'bear spray,' a form of capsaicin pepper spray sold by many outdoors retailers, as part of their efforts to push the officers back inside the Capitol and breach the Capitol Building themselves. Schaffer was photographed and captured on surveillance video carrying “bear spray” and engaging in verbal altercations with Capitol Police officers inside the Capitol Building. Schaffer is seen holding a clear sunglasses in one photograph, and bear spray in other photographs."

Schaffer was eventually turned over into the custody of the U.S. Marshals service. The musician is expected to have the remainder of the legal proceedings in his case take place in Washington, D.C.

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