As a pet owner, I know how easy it is to let these seemingly small things fall through the cracks, but it is illegal to not update your pets rabies vaccine every year. Today the Warrick County Animal Control posted a status saying they currently have 4 dogs in bite quarantine where they have to stay for 10 days. These dogs were not vaccinated at the time of the bites, so it's a very important reminder to get your pets shots up to date.  Here's what Warrick County Animal Control said about the dogs in bite quarantine, and why it's so important to keep your pets vaccinated:

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WCAC currently has FOUR dogs in Bite Quarantine...These dogs were required by law to be quarantined for 10 days because they were NOT current on their Rabies vaccination. It is the law in all 50 states that your dog, cat and/or ferret is up to date on their Rabies vaccination. It is the law in Indiana that your canine is vaccinated at 3 months! A 1 year Rabies Vaccination is required prior to being eligible for a 3 year vaccination and only if your animal is NOT past due. A bite is not required to spread the Rabies Virus only salvia. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN TODAY TO GET YOUR ANIMAL VACCINATED! If you need help finding a low cost clinic on the weekend click here... and enter your location. If you have more questions please contact WCAC directly at 812-897-6107.

If your pets are due, but money is tight, Another Chance for Animals is hosting a low cost vaccine clinic on May 22nd.  All the info on the low cost clinic can be found here. 


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