Last night was kind of a big deal.

I haven't been keeping up that well with the Winter Olympics this year, but last night I actually got the chance to sit down and watch some of it, and BOY did I pick the right time to watch...

The Men's Halfpipe was on last night and I got to experience a LOT of anxiety and joy watching Shaun White OWN THAT SLOPE.

I'm using capslock because the FEELINGS I FELT are coming back just THINKING ABOUT IT.

How the halfpipe works: You get three runs. The best run of those three is your score that will be compared to the other competitors "best of 3" score.

First Run: 94.25

Which was AMAZING, by the way.

Second Run: 55.00

Unfortunately, he ran out of momentum half way through and didn't stick one of his landings.

Which is when I started getting anxious. Because Ayumiu Hirano of Japan had a 95.25 run, and was currently sitting in first place.

Shaun White was the last one to go on his 3rd run. This is a run that will determine if he stayed in 2nd, or beat Hirano for gold. His 3rd and final run had to be at least one full point better than his first run, which was pretty outstanding to begin with. This run will also be his last of any Winter Olympics. Also, he had to do this run, knowing that if he did manage to get anything higher than a 95.25, he will be winning Team USA's 100th gold medal in the Winter Olympics.

No pressure or anything.






(dramatic pause)








(drum roll)







Final Run: 97.75

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