Lamb of God's Randy Blythe has definitely made it known in the past that he's not a huge metalhead. Instead, he's a punk renegade at heart with an eclectic taste in music and in a world of ideals, the singer would love for his band to embark on a tour without any metal bands as support.

Fielding fan-submitted questions in a Q&A feature by Metal Hammer, Blythe addressed his past struggles with alcohol dependence as well as how he approaches peers he sees heading down the same path he did before getting sober. Elsewhere, he tackled questions about how he wound up in what many regard to be a metal band and what new and younger bands he would like to tour with.

“We started as a punk band with kinda metal riffs and for the first few years I refused to refer to us as a metal band because we weren’t," Blythe said, noting his place within a metal group was accidental more than anything and how today the metal, punk and hardcore lines are quite blurred.

"Metal as it is now with the speed and aggression would not exist without punk rock and the people who created the metal we play will tell you the same thing," the singer, whose band released their self-titled new album earlier this year, professed.

Turning his attention toward support acts for Lamb of God on the road, Blythe explained, "A lot of people don’t understand when bringing a tour package together, booking agents and management look at selling 'X' amount of tickets. That’s one reason why I have to shout out to Metallica, they carry out who they want because their shows sell out before support is even announced. They carried my band out when they didn’t have to carry anyone out!"

As for the open scenario of taking anyone he wants on tour, Blythe named two groups. "I’d carry out a really good young band from Arizona called Holy Fawn and a hardcore band I really like from my town called Division of Mind."

"I’d love to do a tour where we don’t have to carry out metal bands and it’s just all different genres, like a moving festival," he continued. For the frontman, it would be something curated toward his own boundary-less tastes in music. "I listen to many genres and they inform what I do, from electronica and reggae to hip hop and country music," he said. "I’d love to carry something out that takes all the music I like and let people who truly love music show up."

For now, it's onward with full-blown metal tour packages as Lamb of God's co-headlining summer 2020 run with Megadeth has been pushed to next year. Also on the bill are Trivium and In Flames and all upcoming dates can be seen here.

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