Evansville and Louisville are going to collide this July on one stage. And it will be hilarious.

I'm a big fan of Ralph, Dave & Etc. and their long form improv. But on July 27th, they're bringing out some new faces to the Evansville area. Specifically Louisville faces.

Zilla is going to be joining the stage with Ralph, Dave & Etc and Scared Scriptless on Friday, July 27th @8pm at Pat Coslett's Simplicity Furniture on 1309 N. Green River Road. You'll leave that night with smiles on your faces and tears in your eyes. (Don't worry. Good tears. Happy tears.) I know from experience.

Ralph, Dave & Etc are gonna do it again! This time bringing with them Zilla from Louisville, KY!!!
Scared Scriptless will open the show with their wizardry of short form, and Zilla will crash the house with their two- man long form set. Ralph, Dave & Etc will end the night with more crazy hijinks.
July 27th, 8pm, $10 at Simplicity Furniture on the corner of Green River Rd and Vogel.
Bring friends. Bring family. Bring coworkers. Bring your exmother-in-law!!!! Just don’t forget to bring yourself for a night of fun and laughs!!!

-IMPROV INVASION Facebook Event Page


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