Since Netflix decided to have a 2-hour Sense8 finale, I have a check list of things I need to happen...


Back in May, Netflix decided to cancel one of the best shows they have: Sense8.



If you haven't watched Sense8, you are missing out. It's about 8 people from all over the world, who are connected mentally. It's got action, comedy, drama, romance, and amazing cinematography.



I don't know why Netflix cancelled it. Maybe bring people pain brings them joy. Maybe they're sick like that. Maybe that's why they also cancelled The Get Down and GirlBoss.


Unfortunately for them, they didn't expect the fans of Sense8 to get super mad and demand it get renewed for a 3rd season. Like, "make a #renewSense8 hashtag that trended on twitter and facebook for weeks and writing angry letters and e-mails to Netflix" mad. So, Netflix decided that since season 2 ended on the BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER OF ALL CLIFFHANGERS that they would make a 2-hour finale to wrap everything up.


Therefore, Netflix, if you're reading this...I have a few demands to make of you. These are a few questions I need answered and things that need to happen in those 2 hours:


-Did Capheus win his campaign?

-Kala and Wolfgang are endgame and you NEED to make this happen.


-What's going to happen to Whispers now?

-Nomi and Anita's wedding.

-Sun and Mun need to be facebook official.

-Sun Bak's brother needs to die. Or go to jail. Whatever. He just needs to be taken care of.

-WHAT is BPO's goal?? Seriously.

-What's with the other clusters???

-Who really IS the Man from Hoy?




I need ALL OF THIS to happen in 2 hours, Netflix. Good luck.




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