Don't do the crime(s) if you can't do the time.

A 21-year-old man has been sentenced up to 15 years behind bars for his role in a series of break-ins that left him with a grand total of $1 and a houseplant that he thought was marijuana.

Here's how it all went so wrong for Miaco Rosado Jr.: back in March, he broke into an Allentown, Pa. restaurant and got into a confrontation with a manager where both men pointed guns at each other. Rosado managed to leave the scene with a keepsake dollar before he resurfaced a few hours later by breaking into a home where he made off with a common houseplant that he mistakenly thought was marijuana (insert lame "money to fern" joke here).

His rinky dink crime spree didn't end there, though. Not even 60 minutes later, Rodsado pointed a gun at a woman on the street when she caught him rifling through her car. Cops then quickly tracked him down and hauled him to jail, putting an end to his multi-hour botanical reign of terror.

Back in August, Rosado had pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and three counts of burglary. Perhaps he would've been wise to rethink his solo operation and consider going in with this gang that eyed a $1 heist.

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