If your child wants their ears pierced, but you're concerned about the use of a piercing gun, soon a professional piercing studio will be opening in Eastland Mall.

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On Friday, February 18th, an exciting announcement was made on the Evil Twins Piercing Studio Facebook page, they announced that they would be opening a special piercing studio inside Eastland Mall where kids can safely get their earlobes pierced in a safe, sanitary environment.  Don't worry it'll also be fun too!

The name of the new place is Unicorn Palace, here's what Evil Twins said about  the new business on Facebook:

Coming Spring 2022 to Eastland Mall!!
Unicorn Palace
A safe and clean environment to do earlobe piercings ages 4 and up by real professional piercers!
Keep watching for updates!
I reached out to Linda, the owner of Evil Twins and she said she wants to raise awareness about safe ear piercing for children, and asks that parents please do research before having their children's ears pierced with a piercing gun.

So what is a piercing gun and why is it bad?

Here's what a piercing gun looks like, there's a good chance you've seen one being used, or maybe you had one used on you before.

A piercing gun has been a very common method for earlobe piercings for a long time, but it turns out there are many reasons you should avoid having your child's ears pierced with a piercing gun.   The Association of Professional Piercers warns against the use of a piercing gun for many reasons.  The biggest issues are tissue damage can occur, and the piercing gun can't be medically sterilized between uses.  Here's their statement on piercing guns from SafePiercing.org:
It is the position of the Association of Professional Piercers that only sterile disposable equipment is suitable for body piercing, and that only materials which are certified as safe for internal implant should be placed in inside a fresh or unhealed piercing. We consider unsafe any procedure that places vulnerable tissue in contact with either non-sterile equipment or jewelry that is not considered medically safe for long-term internal wear. Such procedures place the health of recipients at an unacceptable risk. For this reason, APP members may not use reusable ear piercing guns for any type of piercing procedure.
SafePiercing.org was a great resource with a TON of information on piercing guns, and why they recommend strongly against them.  Check out their website for more information.  When it comes to your kids, I know you want to make the most informed choice possible.

I had my ears pierced with a gun years ago, and it was a bad idea.

When I was little my mom waited until I wanted my ears pierced to get them pierced (which I always appreciated her doing). I was 10 years old when I was ready to get my ears pierced, and I wish this was more known back then.  I had my ears pierced with a gun, and I remember my ears took forever to heal and the earrings they were pierced with became infected so my mom had to buy nicer earrings from the jewelry store for me to wear just to get the infections to go away. I'm glad that over two decades later, piercing safety is much more widely known.
Since then I've gotten a few more piercings (I have 10 total, all on my ears and I have a nose ring) all have been done by professional piercers in sterile environments since then. In fact, Linda of Evil Twins did my helix piercing on my right ear!
So if your kiddo is ready for ear piercing, wait until Unicorn Palace opens so you know your kid's ears are safe in good hands!

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