More specifically, it's a turducken in a can. I'm not sure how or why someone decided it would be a good idea to stuff a chicken inside a duck and then stuff that duck into a turkey. According to my research (a quick Google search), the carnivorous created known as a 'turducken' was invented by a Cajun chef back in the 1970s, although there are those who would dispute that claim. The name Turducken would not be trademarked until 1986.

I've never tried one, but it has become a popular option for hungry families at Thanksgiving. If you don't feel like spending anywhere from $60-$120 to purchase prepared Turducken, or if you don't want to mess with making one yourself, there is a third option - Pringles. Yes, the delicious chips that come in a can will provide a cheap and easy Turkducken alternative.

It's called the "Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit" and it comes with turkey, duck and chicken-flavored chips. You can stack and eat those bad boys however you want. Pringles didn't forget the side dishes either, the kit also includes cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavored chips. Sounds like one of the most interesting ways to spend $16.

A limited number of these kits will be available and they sell out each year, so don't wait. They were gone in less than an hour last year. They are supposed to go on sale this Thursday, November 7th at 12pm ET (that's 11am central time), and they are only available online at

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