When it comes pregnancy tests, why should ladies have all the fun? One Reddit user decided to take a pregnancy test, and got a shocking diagnosis from it. 

Reddit user CappnPoopdeck (best screen name ever?) found a pregnancy test his ex-girlfriend left at his house. As a joke he decided to take the test and when he got a positive result, made a rage comic poking fun at what happened. He then posted the comic on Reddit.

That's when another user pointed out that he should probably get to a doctor. That's because the same hormone that triggers a positive result for pregnancy tests, is also produced when a person has certain types of testicular cancer.

CappnPoopdeck did in fact go to a doctor and found out he had testicular cancer.

Luckily, thanks to the quick thinking of Reddit users, CappnPoopdeck (it doesn't get old typing that) caught the cancer early and has a 99% survival rate. However he will have to lose one of the "boys".

While a pregnancy test is one off-kilter way to check for testicular cancer, it cannot detect all forms of the cancer. Doctors still recommend self-examinations. Just think of it as having a little fun with a purpose.

Check out the comic that started it all below.


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