Possessed frontman Jeff Becerra is currently on the mend from a recent flap surgery, and has detailed the procedure on the band's Instagram page.

Stanford Health Care defines flap surgery as the process of taking live tissue from one part of the body and transporting it to another. It's typically done to help areas that have lost skin, muscle, fat or part of the skeleton. It's different from a skin graft, which doesn't involve live tissue.

Becerra had the procedure done six weeks ago.

"Had a skin flap reconstructive surgery, which essentially is cutting out a large spot of flesh from my tailbone all the way down to the bone, grinding down the bone and removing all the dead bone," he wrote.

"After that, a horseshoe shaped incision is cut all the way around my buttocks and filleted, then a slash up the side towards my back to allow the entire piece to pivot over to cover the wound. The entire thing is then stitched together from the inside, again stitched mid flesh, and stapled together all the way around."

The vocalist thanked his surgeon for the operation, which he says may have saved his life. See the post below.

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