Posey Humane Society is taking care of a kitten who was found near the Llyod and USI after the kitten was seen being thrown out of a car window.  Thankfully there were good people who saw the act, who pulled over and rescued the kitten.

The good news is the kitten seems to be doing okay.  She will of course need to be checked out to be sure.  She was very scared at first when she came into the humane society, but in an update posted today, she seems to be coming out of her shell and trusting a bit more.  Oh, and the kitten was appropriately named Justice.  If you would like to make a donation to go towards her vet bills and care, you can make a donation to Posey Humane Society, here.  Or you can call the vet directly, and make a donation in Justice's name to Hawthorne Animal Clinic.

Here's the first post from Posey Humane Society about Justice:

A hard post to make without bad language, however, we hope we’re always family friendly (not to mention my mom reads these posts). This gorgeous little girl was....are you sitting down? ... thrown out of a car window today on the Lloyd near USI😢😡😭.
Thankfully, someone we call a hero, acted quickly and saved her tiny little life. She was brought to us here at PHS and is now resting/recovering in a home where even a white comforter doesn’t take precedence over her feeling safe and secure. She’s scared, shaking and even hissed a little when I took her out of the kennel at home, but when I told her she didn’t scare me, she nuzzled to my neck and purred. She needs a bath, but I’ve decided that can wait until she feels more safe. She seems to have no injuries, but definitely might have used up one of her nine 😉. There wasn’t time to get a plate # of the person who did this, but...somehow, some way, somewhere...

Did I mention we named her Justice?

If anyone would like to donate for her necessary vetting, feel free to walk into or call Hawthorne’s and tell them to pay on our account, you can also donate on our website. Poseyhumane.org

Justice will eventually be up for adoption, but not until she is ready.  But if you're interested you can fill out an adoption application Or check out the many adoptable cats and kittens available right now at Posey Humane Society.

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