Let me start off by saying my last system I owned was a Nintendo 64, then I met my fiancee and he has a Playstation 3, so I went from an ancient blow in the bottom of the game when it isn't working to the 21st century. I didn't even have a memory card for the 64 so when I was playing Doom 64 I always had to start at the beginning. Yes, it was sort of culture shock when I started playing video games on the PS3.

With the release of both systems due out this holiday season, I have been doing some research because I'm sure we will be upgrading the PS3 to a newer model, but which one? Xbox One or the PS4.

Drama with Microsoft's Xbox One has been going on since they released the news that every consumer that owns the new Xbox One will have to have an internet connection and sign in every 24 hours. They also made their games to have a one-time activation code, and user would have to connected to the internet to use the code. So once you use the code the game would be linked to your Xbox Live account, and you have permission to play it. If it were to be removed for some reason from your hard drive you will have to repay to get the code back so taking your favorite game to your friends house wouldn't be possible. This outraged consumers, so with feedback from the consumers Microsoft just released that they will be changing the policy. The new Xbox will no longer have to have an internet connection, and you can trade, rent, lend, or sell purchased games as before on the Xbox 360 without the activation code. If they didn't change their policy, they were setting the Xbox One up to fail before it even hit the stores.

I'm not too happy, however, that the games will be around $100 for both systems. I thought $60 was a lot. I sure hope they make the games longer. Nothing pisses me off more, when I buy a new game and beat it in 2 days! Then, they want more money for the expansion pack.

I do believe we will not be getting a system right when it comes out, I want to wait for them to work the kinks out before we go throw a few hundred down on a new system.

My question is which one would you choose? Take my poll below, I'm curious to see if Microsoft changing their policy will this make consumers change their minds and still go with the Xbox One? Or do you think if they went back on their word once, will they do it again down the road after consumers have dropped $500 on a system? Feel free to comment your thoughts below as well.

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