Going on Friday, July 23rd there's a benefit event you won't want to miss because you can support It Takes A village while playing all of your favorite classic arcade games.

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It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue has two locations in the tri-state, one in Evansville and one in Spencer county. They work hard to make sure "all paws have a home." This Friday you can show your support for them by playing your favorite classic arcade games at High Score Saloon.

High Score Saloon is an arcade with all of your favorite games and plenty of pinballs to choose from, oh and they serve beer! So you can enjoy a cold one and play games. They're a big supporter of the community and regularly host non-profit give-back nights.  The 23rd is another giveback night at High Score Saloon. How it works is they have a $5 cover that covers and all of the quarters put into the pinball machines that night will go back to It Takes a Village.

Here's what High Score Saloon says about the event:

This July we’re doing our part to help our four legged friends here in Evansville. It Takes A Village is one of our wonderful shelters that houses animals, finds fosters and assists in adoption. They’re a great group and every shelter in town is at capacity so some intervention is crucial. They need funds for food, emergency surgeries, vaccinations and general expenses. It’s a $5 cover + all the pinball drop will go directly to them.

Please note this event is 21+. High Score Saloon is open on Friday from 5P-1A.

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