We know this year is a little weird because of social distancing.  Many Easter egg hunts have been cancelled, and Easter just isn't the same.  So we had a chat with our friend the Easter Bunny, and he decided to help us out with a social distancing Easter egg hunt, right here on 103GBFrocks.com.

peach egg

So how does it work?  Well starting Sunday morning you can check the 103 GBF website homepage, hidden inside of posts and links all around the homepage will be 12 different colored Easter eggs.  When you find an egg click it, and it'll take you to a place to enter what color egg you found.  The more eggs you find, the more entries you get to win the grand prize!

What's the grand prize?  Well how about a one night stay at Big Splash Adventure AND giraffe encounter at Wilstem?  You'll get:

  • A one night stay in a double splash room (up to 4 people).
  • 4 passes to Big Splash Adventure waterpark
  • Full hot breakfast.
  • 4 passes to the Giraffe Encounter at Wilstem

This contest is brought to you by Pet Food Center.

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