Scientists think that planets "scream" as they get ripped apart and it is so metal AF. Astronomers have just made a discovery about where FRBs (aka the screams) come from and here's what they've found.

Although FRBs, which are milliseconds-long bursts of radio waves were detected in 2007, a discovery about where they may come from was made during a recent study at Nanjing University in China. The study has been published in the Astrophysics Journal and astronomer Yong-Feng Huang said in an interview with Science News that the burst of radio waves could be coming from crumbling planets.

The astronomers at Nanjing University studied two FRBS, both of which are "repeaters," one of which repeats every 160 days and the other repeats every 16 days.

The "screams" could be due to "ultra-dense neutron stars interacting with the foolhardy planets that orbit them." The theory is that the planets get "so close to the highly-volatile collapsed stars when singing by their elliptical orbits that they start getting literally ripped apart, resulting in elongation, distortion and entire chunks falling off."

The radio emissions aka "screams" then could be produced by the stellar wind of particles and radiation spewed by the neutron star interacting with the chunks of the ripped-off planet. The repeating FRBs could be what we hear each time the clumps interact with the neutron star's wind.

According to Futurism, the astronomers "concluded that the planet destruction hypothesis could well explain both FRBs they studied." We're just waiting on someone to sample the screams and use them in their song.

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