Bouquets....made out of pizza? Count me in.

A fast food italian chain called Villa Italian Kitchen is now making pizza bouquets for your special day. You know, if you wanted to add a little spice to your wedding. And by "spice" I mean grease and garlic and a lot of cheese.

Food bouquets aren't a new thing. There are bouquets made out of fruit, or chocolate. But those "flowers" are typically sent as gifts. I've never seen someone walk down the aisle with chocolate flowers. Much less PIZZA flowers.

Let's go over some pros and cons of a pizza bouquet:


-You are in a white dress. White clothes and grease don't do well together. And pizza sauce doesn't tend to stay where it's supposed to be. Your dress is a $1,000 napkin now.

-If your wedding is outside? FLIES. BUGS. All over your delicious bouquet.

-The bridesmaids or flower girl might eat it before the ceremony.



-You can eat it with your new significant other as soon as you say "I do". Instead of "You may now kiss the bride" it can be "you may now eat the bouquet"

-If you get hungry during the ceremony? SNACK TIME.

-The grease on your fingers will help to get the ring on.


If you want a pizza bouquet in your life, the closest Villa Italian Kitchen's we have are in Nashville and Indianapolis. So it'll be a little bit of a drive, but totally worth it.

...They also make pizza boutonnieres.

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