The Pistons are kicking off the pre-season soon, and fans will have a chance to see the team up close and personal for free.

There is a buzz around the Pistons this year, and for good reason. The team underwent a complete overhaul with new GM, and entirely new roster. Fans are excited to see what the new team will accomplish this season, but there is one player that most of us want to see. The Pistons number one overall pick in the draft, Cade Cunningham will be on display and most of us are here for it.

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The Pistons start their pre-season games a few days before the open practice. They will host the Spurs on October 6th at LCA.

During the open practice fans will get to see a team scrimmage on the court, but there are a lot of activities off of the court for fans. The first 1,000 fans that walk through the doors of LCA will receive a free gift from the Pistons.

You'll be able to grab pictures with Hooper and the Pistons dance team while at the practice. If you are an X's and O's type of fan, Coach Casey will be going over some offensive and defensive strategies that the Pistons will be putting in place this year. The doors are going to open at 2pm, and the team is supposed to hit the court at about 2:30.

I always tend to be a little over optimistic when it comes to Detroit sports, but I LOVE the team that the Pistons have built. They have every piece they need to compete in the East this year. Considering they will also be one of the youngest teams in the NBA, this is setting up for another long run in the NBA's elite teams for Detroit.

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