In the Facebook group Pirates, Mermaids, & Scallywags, you will find all of that and then some. In the market for a working pirate ship? I found one, and it is ready to set sail for buried treasure. It's been a while since we've heard from our own Skeleton Crew in Evansville. Maybe they've jumped ship?

Daniel Corder
Daniel Corder

Pirate Ship Houseboat

Captain Daniel Corder has his pirate ship listed for sale for $49,000. That seems like a steal, for a giant ship that really works. It comes with a few skeleton crewmates, a map that may or may not lead to treasure, and a mermaid. You can see a full gallery of photos below.

You “arr” lookin' at a used pirate ship for sale, she’s 45 feet in the water line, built on a holiday mansion houseboat powered by a 225 hp Yamaha. Interested pirates can “parlay” with Captain Dan at 571-233-1663.


Hello. Johnny Depp?

Even though he most likely won't be in the future Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Johnny Depp will always be Captain Jack Sparrow. If we pool our sources and buy this pirate ship we could set sail on the Ohio River. This might bring Captain Jack back to Owensboro. Okay, probably not, but stranger things have happened.

Walt Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean - Ride Along in this Point of View Video

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Update

Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and he recently spoke with, and it sounds like the next Pirates movie isn't dead in the water after all.

"We're just working on the screenplay. One of the original writers, Ted Elliot, is helping write it. He has a great command of the characters."  - Jerry Bruckheimer

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See Inside A Real Working Pirate Ship

Ahoy Matey! Be careful that you don't walk the plank while touring this ship. 'Surrender the Booty' is one of several real pirate ships that have been restored by Daniel Corder in Virginia.

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