I love love love cotton candy. I mean, who doesn't, right?  When I was kid, my family always went to the Hadi Shrine Circus in Evansville, Indiana over Thanksgiving weekend. And, the best part of going to the circus was snacking on cotton candy while enjoying the trapeze acts and the high-wire.  The smell of cotton candy is amazing enough.  The taste of it is, well, everything.  And I love it so much that I don't even mind the fact that you need a power washer for your hands after you eat it.  Yes, it's sticky,  but it's really good.

As much as I love cotton candy, I can't even fathom eating this version of it.  Did you know that there's now Pickle Cotton Candy?  Ewwwww!  What??!!!  I freaking hate pickles.

Yes!  I am THAT guy. I'm one of those people who drives through Chick-fil-A, asks for a #1 combo and says, "Please! For the love of all things holy, NO friggin' pickle!"  A couple of years ago, at the Salvation Army's booth at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival in Evansville, I tried a Pickle Juice Slushy.  It was one of the nastiest things that's ever touched this tongue. I thought I was going to hurl my face off right there on Franklin Street.  **By the way, I thought I had video of that incident (the appropriate term for it) on the WBKR YouTube channel, but I couldn't locate it.  That's a shame, because the drama was real. LOL.

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Over the weekend, I noticed that my friend LaShalle Smith shared a photo of her fun (debatable) find.  LaShalle is from Memphis.  That's where we met years ago.  We met at a karaoke bar on Beale Street (I may have given her a brief lap dance) and have been FB friends ever since.  She was recently in Baltimore and bought some Pickle Cotton Candy at a store called It's Sugar.  I asked her if she had tried it yet, but she says she's waiting until she gets back to Tennessee.

LaShalle joined Angel and me on the show today to chat about her tempting find!

In the meantime, if YOU are interested in trying Pickle Cotton Candy (and I'm personally ready to saw my own tongue off just thinking about it), there are several ways you can order it.

It's easily available through Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

You can find Pickle Cotton Candy in area Walmart stores.  You can also order it via Walmart.com.  Just for giggles, I clicked to see how quickly it will arrive in town if you feel compelled to order it.  When I searched for it Sunday morning, the Walmart website said I could have it delivered by Wednesday, the 17th.

I can hardly wait. #Sarcasm


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