What a wild world we live in. Not only are we battling a deadly pandemic like we've never seen before, we have murder hornets on the west coast, the locust are coming some eastern parts of the US and now someone has the audacity to include a Trapt song on the soundtrack to the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered. WTF 2020!?

I hope that you can read the sarcasm that's dripping off that last part. In all seriousness though, someone has started a petition to keep Trapt's hit song, Headstrong from being included in the soundtrack for the new release of the remastered THPS 1 & 2. Admittedly, I am far more excited about the release of this video game than I probably should be and a big part of that excitement is centered around the fact that music from the original THPS 1 are going to be included in the remastering with music from The Dead Kennedys, Goldfinger, Primus and more. That soundtrack was so very 1999 and I loved it! I was 21 years old and grinding rails while I sat on my couch. So when I learned that the newly remastered game coming out in September was going to include the beloved rock & punk songs of my youth, you can bet I got excited! Not only will it include the music from THPS 1 but it will feature music from THPS 2 as well as some newly added songs that were never on either soundtrack - like Headstrong from Trapt and here in lies the problem...


People are angry. So angry that someone names John Gonzalez has started a petition to keep the song off the soundtrack saying, "Trapt is wack and we aint letting an amazing game be ruined by its trapts weak ass songs." The petition currently has over 17,000 signatures. Trapt has responded on Twitter:

I don't think that the song is going anywhere as far as the soundtrack is concerned but I do think it's amusing to watch the dumpster fire!


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