It's been a long time coming, we've been hearing of Mesker Park Zoo's plans to add a penguin exhibit for a few years now.  That exhibit is finally becoming a reality because penguins are officially in Evansville!  Now the Penguins of Patagonia exhibit is not open yet, but the penguins have arrived at the zoo and are getting care while in quarantine.

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Mesker Park Zoo recently shared an exciting behind-the-scenes video where they share that penguins are officially at Mesker Park Zoo! Now it is a standard procedure that whenever the zoo gets a new animal, they have to quarantine them for 30 days. Currently, the penguins are in their 30-day quarantine, so their Penguins of Patagonia exhibit isn't open just yet.

The behind the scenes video introduces us to the newest (and some of the cutest) faces that will soon be hanging out at Mesker Park Zoo in their exhibit. Executive Director Erik Beck talks about the penguins, and says that they hope to grow their flock as they have them set up to be able to breed when they're in their exhibit, which is really cool! He also said that once the penguins are more adjusted to people, they hope to offer a penguin feeding time. So just a lot of really cool things are happening at Mesker Park Zoo.


The penguins introduced are also Humboldt Penguins which Mesker Park Zoo says are from warmer climates in South America so they will do just fine with the midwestern summers here.

I can't wait to see the exhibit finally open and running, and see the penguins in person. There's still no word on an exact opening date, but once we know you can rest assured we'll definitely let you know! Until then, I'm loving all the updates and can't wait to stop by the zoo and see some penguins!

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