There's good news for KISS fans heading to an upcoming date on Gene Simmons 'Vault Experience' tour. You might see Paul Stanley join him onstage in the intimate setting! The Starchild took to his official Twitter page yesterday (Apr. 2) to reveal that he is without a doubt going to join his band co-founder at some point in the future.

"Going over my schedule to see when I can join my “Brother From Another Mother,” Gene, at one of his Vault events," Stanley tweeted. "You BET I’m going!"

Simmons is spending a good part of 2018 celebrating his 50 years in rock and roll with meet and greets where he delivers his 150 track box set The Vault to fans who have purchased the collection. At designated locations, buyers of the set receive a pre-pack and join a small group of other fans for “Songs and Stories” from The Vault and a Q&A with Simmons.

The news that Stanley will attend comes on the heels of a Simmons appearance last Sunday (Mar. 25) where he talked about members of KISS past and present who have showed up or plan to show up at the events. He mentioned original guitarist Ace Frehley, original drummer Peter Criss, former guitarist Bruce Kulick, current guitarist Tommy Thayer, drummer Eric Singer and even long estranged guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who is scheduled to appear April 14 in Nashville, Tenn. But there's been one noticeable absence.

"Paul Stanley, I can't get him to come out yet, but we'll see," Simmons says in the video which can be viewed below, then joking that he might need to appeal to the artistic side of his bandmate. "Maybe I'll get him some paint brushes ... the thing we do is tease each other."

Stanley currently has four Wentworth Gallery shows scheduled to display his paintings between now and September. Only one of the dates, April 28 in Short Hills, N.J., conflicts with Simmons' run of dates which goes through the end of the year; he'll be in Cleveland, Ohio that day. And while it would be incredible to see Stanley appear at the date when Vincent is slated to show, our bets are on Las Vegas, Nev. on May 26. The complete list of cities around the world Simmons will be visiting can be found here.

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