Know your way around a bicycle when something goes wrong? Then you're just the person Patchwork Central is looking for to help teach kids between the grades of 6 and 12 what to do when there's an issue with their bicycle.

According to an e-mail exchange I had with Patchwork Central's Director of Arts and Education, Jane Vickers, "previous knowledge of bike repair is helpful, but not required." Volunteers must also display a willingness to work with kids in those age groups.

Jane also said all volunteers will "need to complete a volunteer application and background check at least 5 days prior to volunteering." A link to the volunteer application can be found on the Patchwork Central website.

The Bike Repair Program runs June 10th - 13th and again June 17th - 20th, and is part of the local non-profit's "2019 Arts & Smarts Summer," all of which is available for free to participants. For more information, visit the Patchwork Central website, or find them on Facebook.

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