Papa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton shared with fans today (Feb. 12) that he broke two fingers on his left hand. Due to the accident, touring guitarist / keyboardist Anthony Esperance will take Horton’s place for the band’s 2020 European dates.

Horton didn’t explain how exactly he broke his hand, but the musician posted an x-ray of his left hand, showing his ring finger was essentially snapped in half. Another pic shows Horton received a number of stitches in his ring and pinky fingers.

“I’m sorry to report that I broke two fingers on my left hand and had surgery as soon as my doctor could get me in last Thursday. Fortunately, our brother, Anthony Esperance is going to step in for me until I am 100% so I can be part of the show we all love. To our European fans, you’re going to have a great show! I can’t thank you enough for all your passion and I will be ready the next time. Until then, have fun and burn it up with the boys!!! - Jerry Horton”

Papa Roach will traverse Europe with Hollywood Undead and Ice Nine Kills this month. The tour will stop in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 16 and continue through the continent until March 18. They’ll pick up again with Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills for a North American run beginning April 8.

Update: On Feb. 20, Papa Roach posted the below photo to show that the healing process is progressing for Horton:

Update 2: On March 19, Horton offered another update revealing that his bones have pretty much healed. Get a look at his hand and get details of where his recovery stands below:

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