What would Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power album sound like if it had instead been written by Metallica? Your imagination doesn't have to do much work because YouTuber Denis Pauna has cut a video medley where he's reinterpreted those bone-crunching Pantera tracks as full-on thrash ragers.

You may remember Pauna from that incredible video where he reimagined Metallica's classic track "Master of Puppets" as a Type O Negative original. He's pulled off this latest video with equally exceptional skill and, although it would appear he intentionally made himself look like James Hetfield, that's just the look he's been rockin' regardless — RE-SPECT!

Pantera's battering-ram riffs and lockstep, pounding drum work are touched up to embrace Metallica's choppy, down-picked riffing style. There's a lot of commonalities between the bands and it's clear to see how Metallica ultimately influenced the Texas group, but this medley is, at times, hardly even recognizable as the Pantera songs we've all heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times before. Again, RE-SPECT!

Watch the medley in the video below.

What's a bit ironic here is that when Pantera were writing and recording Vulgar Display of Power, which was released in 1992, they used Metallica's 'Black Album' as an inspiration... sort of. The band had heard the album and rejected it outright, feeling they could head in an opposite direction with their increasing heaviness on the follow-up to Cowboys From Hell.

What If Metallica Wrote Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power?

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