Panic! at the Disco have fired guitarist/backing vocalist Kenny Harris for what they called "a personal matter" in an official statement. "Touring musician Kenny Harris will no longer be performing with us because of a personal matter," they wrote in a tweet.

This comes after misconduct allegations surfaced on Twitter Thursday (Sept. 20). You can read the thread in full below.

i really do love panic! at the disco but uhhh.. kenneth harris needs to be called out, so here's a thread about my experience with him

April 20, 2016: this was the first day I ever snapped kenny. I sent him a picture of me with that stupid dog filter, thinking he wouldn't even reply but boy did he. He went on about how cute I was and asked me to send more selfies-

which I obviously did, and he sent a few back. Fast forward about a week later. My friend and I had tickets to see panic live on july 8th, fifth row from the stage. I snapped kenny and asked him if he could throw me a guitar pick since we were so close to the stage.

He agreed, but only if I'd send him a "pic" first. Me being the dumb 16 YEAR OLD that I was at the time, asked him "what kind of pic", hoping he just wanted another selfie (not that that's any better) but noope.

He replies back "surprise me". So, my dumbass 16 year old self decided to play along and i go, "If I send you a picture now, you'll forget about me by the time of the concert in July!!"

to which he replies with "well, if you keep sending them, i won't" So, I ended up agreeing but always put it off whenever he'd ask. I wasn't gonna actually send him anything. there was no way.

He would always ask for pics but finally got bored i guess?? I would always make up excuses for why I couldn't send anything and they were not believable whatsoever. but they shouldn't have had to be.

all in all. he stopped snapping me after he realized he wasn't gonna get what he wanted ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The band offered no further information on the matter, such as if they plan on filling Harris' role. Harris began performing in Panic! in 2013.

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