Ozzy Osbourne has tested positive for COVID-19, as revealed by his wife and manager Sharon on her new show Talk TV.

"Ozzy was only diagnosed... it was, like, middle of the night [U.K.] time. I spoke to him and he's okay," said Sharon in a video clip uploaded by TMZ. "I am very worried about Ozzy right now," she added, fighting back tears, "We've gone two years without him catching COVID and it's just Ozzy's luck he would get it now."

When asked what the first thing she'll do when she flies back to Los Angeles from the U.K., Sharon revealed, "[I will] hold him and kiss him with about three masks on, I think. My family is my life. I can't believe my luck that I'm missing [the] show — I've only been there three days. I can't believe it. Three days and I'm missing the show, but I will be back. I know I will. It'll take me a week to get my old man on his feet again and I will be back in a week."

Speaking about how the rest of the Osbourne family is handling the news, Sharon offered, "Unfortunately, he was diagnosed in the middle of the night [while] they're all sleeping, so I haven't spoken to them yet, but they'll rally around. They'll be with him."

Although she was tearful amid her responses, Sharon expressed confidence that Ozzy will rebound from the diagnosis and she will be able to return to television."You're going to see me back on air in a week because I know my husband... we're going to get him back on his feet and we're going to get a negative test by next week," she beamed.

All of us at Loudwire wish Ozzy a quick and full recovery. Get well soon, Prince of Darkness, we love you.

Sharon Osbourne Discusses Ozzy's COVID Diagnosis

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