Imagine scrolling through Facebook to see a giant Alligator mounted in a photo.  It caught my attention and I had to know the full story behind it.

Barrett Lee Young is the owner of Big O Movers which has been in business for 70 years here in Owensboro (under a few other names as well).  I was minding everybody's business the other day as I scrolled through my Facebook feed and noticed Barrett posted a photo of a huge Alligator.  His post read "12 FOOT ALLIGATOR...ADD THAT TO " UNCONVENTIONAL ITEMS MOVED " LIST....."

Talk about unconventional.  This sparked my interest so I messaged Barrett to ask him about all the items on his list.  Here's what he had to say;

It's interesting...we move furniture and just about anything that fits on the trucks... Moved some interesting things...statues, vaults, industrial tools, moonshine equipment... moved several large game mounts....moose, elk...bears....alligator just added to the list....full hand made bodies of armor ( full knight armor )....a full truck of comic books once...a full truck of Christmas trees....the most interesting ones I am sworn to secrecy....we moved the FBI office here in town for example...I didn't know we had one...until they called me.  You name itEvery day is an adventure.


Barrett shared the story behind the gator too;

A great client of mine called for help as his son shot this 12 footer in was mounted and brought all the way back here......he just needed it through a few doors and will eventually need it on the wall. It weighs about 300lbs....the actual gator was about 800lbs....

They also moved a haunted mansion in Whitesville;

Giant 7000 square foot mansion in Whitesville.  We were in it a day...some pretty weird stuff Noises...stuff moved on its own.....creepy Doors shutting...opening Huge creepy noisy house with 10000 doors and hallways.

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